Quiet the noise, Awaken Results with a New Kind of Business Coach

Entrepreneurs manage countless decisions, responsibilities, and challenges daily. Unknowingly, they overpressure and block their minds, leading to mental noise.  With Mindtune, you tap into a higher level of thinking, accessing ideas, feelings and results you never thought possible.

Clear Your Mental Clutter. Regain Your Spark With a Business Coach.

By the time you were three years old, you were already able to understand and speak a language (and you could have learned more languages). Also, you had learned to walk and run (and you could have learned to swim and play an instrument too). Can you imagine how much more you would have progressed in your life had you continued learning at that same rate, every three years?

What happened?!

At some point in your life you started to blur and block your mind with tension, hurry, anxiety and unnecessary thinking.

But, even with blur and obstruction in your mind, you can still do many things - - especially things you have already learned to do. But, you can get stuck!

To not get stuck, and to be able to live your marvelous potential, you need to restore the mental clarity and lucidity that you already experienced as a child.

Mindtune will show you, in a very simple way, how to restore that clear and capable mind - through a few tweaks in how you are using your mind.

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You Want a Change

Are you stressed to the point of unhappiness? Have you lost that child-like excitement about life? Are you ready for a change? Mindtune can help.

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Mindtune offers transformational experiences, including online courses, coaching, keynote speeches, and international retreats to guide your journey.

Awaken Results

Awaken Results

After training with Mindtune, you feel better connected with yourself, with other people, and to a deeper purpose. Achieve results you never thought possible!

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Take the first steps to restoring your mental greatness!
You can do it! It’s easier than you imagine.



A Message From the Founder: Amplify Your Inner Voice!

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As a kid, I liked to go out into nature and see animals, and I liked to access my own creative ideas and find expression for them through drawing and singing. I also enjoyed languages, exploring deep ideas, and helping people. These activities made me feel alive! I moved over 40 times before I was 10, but these joys were constants.

As I matured, I felt pressure to start thinking about a “practical career” and let go of the authentic qualities that brought me joy. I really believed I had to choose between my happiness or providing a good living for a family, not believing I could have both.

Starting as a teenager, this outside pressure created a lot of mental noise for me. I experienced mental fogginess, depression and anxiety. In my 20’s, for the sake of my mental health, I started learning to quiet external influences and listen to what I felt was right for me. I followed my heart, making many scary moves throughout my career that appeared (on the outside) to be backwards on my career path, but they turned out to be the best moves for my long term success. Learning to quiet the noise and listen to my higher self turned out to be the best professional skill I ever learned.

I know I’m not alone. There are people like me who would like to re-discover the magic of their childhood. They find themselves giving into so many outside pressures, too scared to listen to their authentic desires. They are sacrificing their greatest potential contributions to the world, for the sake of pleasing others or not making waves. By not listening to themselves, however, they are allowing the passion they once had to slowly die inside.

If this is you, I want to help you re-discover that child-like excitement. Life is short. Authentic joy is available for you if you have enough courage to grab it.

Quiet the noise. Stop caring about others’ opinions and decide to follow your inner guide. Doing just that is what led me to create Mindtune, and I created it to support people like you in creating results you never imagined possible! Wherever you are in the world, no matter how successful you are, learn to quiet the noise and listen to your heart.

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