One-On-One Business Coaching

You will meet directly with a Mindtune coach to discuss how to improve your focus, clarity, confidence and happiness.

One-On-One Business Coaching
Shows You An Easier Way To:

  • Bring your uniqueness to the surface so that you can see it clearly.  
  • Connect with those things that make you happy and more fulfilled.
  • Define what YOU really want and develop the skills to stay focused on it.
  • Navigate uncertainty with increased confidence and joy.
  • Connect with YOUR higher purpose.
  • Set “improbable” goals and achieve them all.
  • Improve results in business and every  aspect of your life from a foundational level
  • Learn how to stay calm and relaxed regardless of your results.

What Will You Learn to Improve?


Identify your genuine desires and channel your efforts towards them. Recognize and take responsibility for the power to shape your destiny. 


Remain calm, relaxed and fully capable while stretching for goals well beyond your current reality, allowing you to expand your overall capacity.


Exude confidence from within. Eliminate your dependence on external validations and circumstances, developing steadiness in your results.     


Accept and repeat a practical formula leading to genuine happiness and fulfillment. Boost results in your business and personal life.  

Marco Lopez, CEO of Mindtune

Marco Lopez:
Embrace What Brings You Joy

As a kid, I liked to explore nature and express my own creative ideas through drawing and singing. These activities made me feel alive! As I grew, I felt pressure to think about a “practical career” and let go of the authentic qualities that brought me joy. I really believed I had to choose between my happiness and the ability to provide a good living for my family. I didn’t want to live like that! I chose to learn strategies to reduce external influences and embrace what made me smile. I pursued what was right for me. Learning to listen to my authentic self has been the most accurate compass in my life.  Because of my story, I’m passionate about helping others find their authentic path.

How Does it Work?

If you’re hesitant to pick up the phone, we understand! Make a bold decision NOW to invest your energy into creating a better version of YOU. Mindtune invites you to chat with us to discover a new beginning. You’ll meet a guide who provides consistent, virtual instruction on a personal level. We’ll throw open our doors and give you access to our library of online tools and resources. The curriculum will place you on a personal journey to increase your awareness and unveil buried truths about yourself. We set out on the exploration together, taking it at your pace. Mindtune supports you as you apply these strategies to create incredible results in the midst of uncertainty. 

What you get from a Mindtune Coaching

Mindtune Curriculum


Before you can achieve, you need to know what you want to achieve. By laying the foundation with genuine aspirations, you begin a journey with a clear destination.


Checkmark Define what you really want
Checkmark Receive the tools to help you succeed on your quest
Checkmark Set ocean goals and milestone goals
Checkmark Create your greater self script


This section arms you with tools to maintain a calm mind. In doing so, you access unparalleled levels of insight, ensuring every decision is informed and every step purposeful.

Checkmark Learn to leverage the power of your subconscious mind
Checkmark Experience how everything in your life improves as a result
Checkmark Learn the key to being present
Checkmark Learn how to live from higher ground


 This section emphasizes a critical truth: YOU are the architect of your destiny. By leaning more on your innate power, you learn to shape your external circumstances from within. 


Checkmark Identify and replace the false concepts holding you back
Checkmark Learn to deal with your demons and shift your frequency
Checkmark Connect to a greater purpose as your point of support
Checkmark Learn to touch lightly everything else


The happiness segment isn’t a new lesson; it’s a realization of the principles you've embodied throughout your journey. You learn to repeat the process of unearthing profound self-discoveries and authentic joy.


Checkmark Learn the Happiness Secret
Checkmark Learn to use and consistently apply the S.O.N.G. formula for your very best results
Checkmark Discover a new level of control you always have
Checkmark Learn and experience the power of To and Through
What will work best for your schedule?

What is Included?

Weekly One-On-One Coaching Sessions:

Every coaching session is a step forward on your transformative journey, unlocking unparalleled growth and potential. Join us and experience the change.


The Purposeful Innovation Course (24-weeks):

Experience deep transformation with the support of our flagship online course. Over six months, under the guidance of a dedicated guide, you'll apply Mindtune’s methodology across diverse life and business scenarios.


The Chiapas, Mexico Experience (4-days):

Embark on a 4-day intensive journey in Chiapas, Mexico (optional add-on). This immersive experience, enriched by our unique methodology, fosters profound insights and bonding among participants, through a platform which will call into practice everything learned throughout the course.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mindtune's one-on-one coaching is a powerful format for gaining deep awareness and improving overall results. Following the same core ideas as group coaching, these personalized sessions with an elite mindset coach cater to individual challenges and follow a structured approach.

Mindtune shows a simple way to let go of mental weight, helping clients connect with themselves and make authentic choices for personal and professional fulfillment.

Mindtune helps entrepreneurs and leaders clear their conscious minds, enabling them to connect with themselves, make authentic choices, and navigate leadership challenges while staying true to themselves.

Mindtune offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, international retreats, online coaching, live business workshops, and keynote concerts. These services aim to help clients define what they truly want and develop practical skills to live in harmony with these aspirations at their highest capacity levels.

Mindtune offers strategies to help individuals become clear about their desires, focus on what matters, and restore the clear and capable minds they had in childhood.

Mindtune helps clients achieve a purpose-driven, fulfilling life by helping them connect with their essence, find their purpose, and stay connected to their authentic selves for improved results and happiness.

Ready to Create That Life-Changing Moment?

Find a supportive coach who will offer strategies for personal growth and well-being. This expedition was never meant to be taken alone. Reconnect with your truest self and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more empowered, mindset.