Group Business Coaching

In this 24-week program, you will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs to improve focus, clarity, confidence and happiness.

Group Business Coaching
Shows You An Easier Way To:

  • Define what you really WANT. Identify what holds you back.
  • Tame your mental critic and tap into your TRUE potential.
  • Connect with YOUR higher purpose.
  • Set “impossible” goals and achieve them all.
  • Discover the power YOU hold for YOUR life’s happiness.

What Will You Learn to Master?


Pinpoint your genuine desires and channel your energy towards them. Recognize and take charge of your power to shape your destiny.


Stay calm, relaxed and highly capable while pursuing goals far beyond your current external reality, enabling you to maximize your overall capacity.


Access confidence from within. Reduce your dependence on external circumstances and validations, developing consistency in your results. 


Understand and practice a repeatable formula leading to genuine happiness and fulfillment. Maximize results in both business and life.

Marco Lopez, CEO of Mindtune

Marco Lopez:
A Leader Battling In the Trenches

Throughout my life, I folded to outside pressure to conform to someone else’s expectations. The mental noise, depression and anxiety swelled into a permanent fog. In my 20’s, for the sake of my mental health, I started learning to quiet external influences and listen to what I felt was right for me. I made bold moves in my career that made others shake their heads, but those turned out to be the best moves for my long term success. Learning to listen to my higher self was the most valuable investment of time and energy I ever made. Because of the changes I’ve witnessed in my life, I feel compelled to help others do the same.

What Can I Expect?

Mindtune invites you to kickstart a new version of YOU with an in-person retreat. A new beginning. There, you’ll meet mentors who provide guided instruction and connect with supportive friends as you begin to develop new habits. For 24 weeks, you’ll delve into dynamic group coaching calls  complemented by a library of online tools and resources. This is your personal journey to expand your awareness and unveil hidden truths about yourself! This adventure culminates with a four-day retreat in Chiapas, Mexico, where you and your close-knit group apply everything you’ve learned about creating your greatest results in the midst of uncertainty. 

What you get from a Mindtune Coaching

Mindtune Curriculum


Before you can achieve, you need to know what you want to achieve. By laying the foundation with genuine aspirations, you begin a journey with a clear destination.


Checkmark Define what you really want
Checkmark Receive the tools to help you succeed on your quest
Checkmark Set ocean goals and milestone goals
Checkmark Create your greater self script


This section arms you with tools to maintain a calm mind. In doing so, you access unparalleled levels of insight, ensuring every decision is informed and every step purposeful.

Checkmark Learn to leverage the power of your subconscious mind
Checkmark Experience how everything in your life improves as a result
Checkmark Learn the key to being present
Checkmark Learn how to live from higher ground


 This section emphasizes a critical truth: YOU are the architect of your destiny. By leaning more on your innate power, you learn to shape your external circumstances from within. 


Checkmark Identify and replace the false concepts holding you back
Checkmark Learn to deal with your demons and shift your frequency
Checkmark Connect to a greater purpose as your point of support
Checkmark Learn to touch lightly everything else


The happiness segment isn’t a new lesson; it’s a realization of the principles you've embodied throughout your journey. You learn to repeat the process of unearthing profound self-discoveries and authentic joy.


Checkmark Learn the Happiness Secret
Checkmark Learn to use and consistently apply the S.O.N.G. formula for your very best results
Checkmark Discover a new level of control you always have
Checkmark Learn and experience the power of To and Through
Marco Lopez presenting to a group

What is Included In Group Business Coaching?

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions:

You won’t want to miss these.  Every coaching session is a step forward on your transformative journey, unlocking unparalleled growth and potential with the support of like-minded achievers. Join us and experience the change.

Innovation and Strategic Excellence Group Business Coaching (24 weeks):

Experience deep transformation with the support and structure of our flagship online course. Over six months, under the guidance of a dedicated guide, you'll apply Mindtune’s methodology across diverse life and business scenarios to achieve your transformation.


The Chiapas, Mexico Experience (4 days):

Embark on a 4-day intensive journey in Chiapas, Mexico (optional add-on). This immersive experience, enriched by our unique methodology, fosters profound insights and bonding among participants, through a platform which will call into practice everything learned throughout the course.


Not Sure Where to Start?

We can even help with that! Let’s find some time to connect. Together, we’ll look at all the options within the Mindtune network and find the best fit for you and your lifestyle. We’ll hold your hand as you feel out the next right step to discovering a happier, more mindful life.